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Yes… you can have it both ways!

Are you ready for endless hot water and endless peace of mind?

Is your traditional tank water heater unable to keep up with your family’s hot water demands?

Are you ready to save real money on your electric or gas bills?

Are you getting ready to remodel or start construction on a new home and would like to explore the latest in technology?

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

The comfort experts at Shaffer’s Bottled Gas can help determine which tankless water heater will work best for your hot water demands.

A few things to consider:

  • Do I run out of hot water?
  • Do I use multiple showers or do the laundry and wash dishes at the same time?
  • Do I want to fill my hot tub with hot water?
  • Do I need to schedule chores that demand hot water around my family’s hot water usage times?
  • Do I need a hot water circulation system to get hot water to my faucets and showers faster?

Our SBG service technicians are certified Rinnai installers and will have your endless hot water flowing in less than a day.


  • 4.5 Gallons/Minute @ 60° Rise
  • BTU: 150,000
  • Efficiency: 82%
  • Warranty: 10/5/1
  • Venting: Rinnai 5”


  •  5.5 Gallons/Minute @ 60° Rise
  • BTU: 199,000
  • Efficiency: 82%
  • Warranty: 10/5/1
  • Venting: Rinnai 5”

Sensei RU130

  •  4.5 Gallons/Minute @ 60° Rise
  • BTU: 130,000
  • Efficiency: 95%
  • Warranty: 15/5/1
  • Venting: Rinnai 5” or PVC 2”
  • Condensing

Sensei RU199

  •  6.5 Gallons/Minute @ 60° Rise
  • BTU: 199,000
  • Efficiency: 96%
  • Warranty: 15/5/1
  • Venting: Rinnai 5” or PVC 2”
  • Condensing

Sensei CU199

  • 6.5 Gallons/Minute @ 60° Rise
  • BTU: 199,000
  • Efficiency: 97%
  • Warranty: 8/5/1
  • Venting: Rinnai 5” or PVC 2”
  • Condensing


  • Residential & Light Commercial
  • Continuous Available Hot Water
  • Replenish Entire Supply in 16min.
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Warranty: 10/3/1/6 (Residential)
  • Venting: 4” B-Vent to Chimney

Rinnai Hybrid Water Heaters – Deep Discounts On A Discontinued Model

The Rinnai RH180 hybrid water heater combines the endless hot water from a tankless water heater with a 40-gallon tank for extra hot water storage or for large volume hot water dumps.  Perfect for simply replacing the leaky water heater in your home or for light commercial applications and restaurants that need a large volume of 140-degree hot water.

The excellent Rinnai warranty still applies to the RH180 hybrid.

SBG is offering this model at an insanely low price until they are gone. Please call now for a free site evaluation.

More Affordable than you think

With several payment plans to choose from, SBG makes it possible for you to enjoy all the benefits of a Rinnai tankless water heater while staying within your budget.

Expert Installation

Shaffer’s Bottled Gas employs a team of professional Rinnai tankless water heater installers. Our technicians are qualified to install the gas line, the tankless water heater, the venting, everything! There is no need to hire an outside contractor and drive up your price.

Rinnai recommends that the tankless water heater installation should be performed by a licensed contractor who is trained to handle the plumbing, gas, electrical and venting aspects of a tankless water heater and is aware of all local and national gas fuel codes. Having a non-licensed professional perform the installation can cause operational and performance issues.

Installation Locations in your Home

The clean, modern, and space-saving design of Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters gives you the flexibility to install on virtually any wall inside your home—not just in the utility room. And to save even more space, you can even mount a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater on the outside wall of your home.

Venting your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Depending on placement within the home, interior models of Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters can vent vertically through the roof or horizontally through an exterior wall. Rinnai offers multiple venting options for the super high-efficiency models that offer optimum safety and performance.

Fuel Types

The Rinnai product line of tankless models are available for propane or natural gas fuel types, which contributes to increased efficiency and lower carbon emissions.